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By Will Osborne

Track the proof with Jack and Annie!

When Jack and Annie acquired again from their experience in Magic Tree residence number one: Dinosaurs prior to Dark, they had plenty of questions. whilst did the dinosaurs stay? What different animals lived at the moment? Which dinosaur used to be largest? How will we find out about dinosaurs? discover the solutions to those questions and extra as Jack and Annie song the facts.

Filled with up to date info, pictures, illustrations, and enjoyable tidbits from Jack and Annie, the Magic Tree condominium truth Trackers are the precise method for children to determine extra concerning the issues they found of their favourite Magic Tree condominium adventures. And academics can use truth Trackers along their Magic Tree condo fiction partners to fulfill universal center textual content pairing needs.
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Its mouth was once so small in comparison with its physique that it needed to take thousands of bites to make a meal. Brachiosaurus (BRACK-ee-uh-SOAR-us) This identify ability “arm lizard” (named for its lengthy entrance legs). Brachiosaurus regarded slightly like a giraffe. It had a really lengthy neck and a small head. It had entrance legs that have been longer than its again legs. yet Brachiosaurus was once two times as tall as a giraffe. And its nostrils have been at the most sensible of its head! Jack and Annie’s Dinosaur corridor of popularity the largest HEAD Torosaurus (Triceratops) (TOAR-uh-SOAR-us) For years, scientists acknowledged a dinosaur referred to as Torosaurus had the most important head of any land animal that has ever lived. yet new study means that what humans as soon as referred to as Torosaurus was once fairly only a totally grown Triceratops. Scientists imagine the grownup Triceratops’s head should have been a couple of 3rd the scale of its entire physique. THE LONGEST NECK Mamenchisaurus (mah-MENCH-ih-SOAR-us) Mamenchisaurus used to be additionally a plant-eater. It had the longest neck of any of the dino-saurs. Mamenchisaurus’s neck used to be approximately 33 ft lengthy. That’s approximately part the size of its whole physique. the largest EYES Dromiceiomimus (drom-uh-SEE-uh-MIME-us) Dromiceiomimus was once a flesh-eater. It was once in regards to the dimension of an ostrich and had eyeballs as large as oranges. THE LONGEST identify Micropachycephalosaurus (MY-cro-PACK-ee-SEF-uh-lo-SOAR-us) Micropachycephalosaurus was once a small plant-eater came across in China. Its lengthy identify skill “tiny (micro), thick (pachy), head (cephalo) lizard (saurus). ” Dinosaurs governed the earth through the Age of Reptiles. yet they weren’t the single creatures round. Dinosaur hunters have additionally discovered fossils of many unusual flying and swimming reptiles that lived even as. those flying reptiles are referred to as pterosaurs (TEH-ruh-soars). Pterosaur is Greek for “winged lizard. ” Pterosaurs had wings made from epidermis and bone. each one wing used to be connected to a really lengthy “finger. ” The finger stretched the entire manner from the pterosaur’s “hand” to the top of its wing. occasionally the finger was once greater than ten toes lengthy! Paleontologists imagine so much pterosaurs “flew” through stretching out their wings and floating at the wind. there have been additionally various kinds of swimming reptiles throughout the Age of Dinosaurs. Ichthyosaurs (ICK-thee-uh-soars) had lengthy beaks and gave the impression of big-eyed dolphins. Mosasaurs (MOZE-ah-soars) gave the impression of substantial swimming lizards with lengthy ft and webbed ft. Plesiosaurs (PLEE-zee-uh-soars) didn't seem like whatever in the world this present day. a few plesiosaurs had brief necks and lengthy jaws, like crocodiles. Others had lengthy necks and small heads, just like the huge sauropod dinosaurs. Pteranodon (teh-RAN-uh-don) This identify skill “toothless flier. ” Pteranodon had an extended beak and a protracted, bony crest at the again of its head. It most likely wanted the crest to aid stability its beak while it was once swooping right down to capture fish. Quetzalcoatlus (KET-sal-ko-AHT-lus) This identify skill “plumed serpent. ” Quetzalcoatlus used to be the most important creature that has ever flown. each one of its wings was once approximately 20 ft long—as massive as a small airplane’s!

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