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By Muriel Spark

An election is held on the abbey of Crewe and the hot woman abbess takes up her excessive place of work with implacable serenity.

this can be a satirical fable approximately ecclesiastical and other forms of politics. the writer has additionally written The leading of pass over Jean Brodie and Girls of slim Means.

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Are you aware, if issues turn into rather undesirable I shall myself make an announcement on tv. have you ever got from now on intelligence? ’ ‘Felicity has made up a listing of Abbey crimes,’ says Walburga. ‘She complains they're crimes lower than English legislations, now not ecclesiastical crimes, and he or she has complained at the tv that the criminal specialists are doing not anything approximately them. ’ ‘The courts could after all desire the affair to be settled through Rome,’ says the Abbess. ‘Have you were given the checklist? ’ She holds out her hand and flutters her palms impatiently whereas Walburga brings out of her deep pocket a thick folded record which finally reaches the Abbess’s arms. Mildred says, ‘She compiled it by using Thomas and Roget’s glossary, in keeping with her landlady’s daughter, who retains Winifrede trained. ’ ‘We can be ruined with all this pay-money that we've got to pay,’ the Abbess says, unfolding the checklist. She starts to learn aloud, in her clearest modulations: ‘“Wrongdoing dedicated through the Abbess of Crewe”. ’ She then seems to be up from the paper and says, ‘I do love that note “wrongdoing”. It sounds so just like the gong of doom, certainly not evocative of that fanfare of Wagnerian trumpets we're ended in count on, yet anything that accompanies the odor of boiled pork and cabbage within the again premises of a Mechanics’ Institute in Sheffield within the mid-nineteenth century … Wrongdoing is furthermore whatever that advertisement visitors used to do within the thirties and forties of this century, even supposing now i think they do a similar factor lower than one other identify … Wrongdoing, wrongdoing … In any feel which Felicity may perhaps connect to it, the note doesn't observe to me, expensive women. Felicity is a lascivious puritan. ’ ‘We may well sue for libel,’ Walburga says. ‘No extra does libel observe to me,’ says the Abbess, and keeps studying aloud: ‘“Concealing, hiding, secreting, overlaying, screening, cloaking, veiling, shrouding, shading, muffling, protecting, disguising, ensconcing, eclipsing, holding in lack of expertise, blinding, hoodwinking, mystifying, posing, complicated, confusing, embarrassing, bewildering, booking, suppressing, bamboozling, etcetera. ” ‘I pine loads to know,’ says the Abbess, taking a look up from the checklist on the attentive good-looking faces of Mildred and Walburga, ‘what the “etcetera” stands for. without doubt Felicity had whatever in brain? ’ ‘Would it's whatever to do with fraud? ’ says Mildred. ‘Fraud is implied within the subsequent paragraph,’ says the Abbess, ‘for it is going on: “Defrauding, dishonest, implementing upon, training upon, outreaching, jockeying, doing, cozening, diddling, circumventing, placing upon, decoying, tricking, hoaxing, juggling, trespassing, beguiling, inveigling, luring, liming, swindling, tripping up, bilking, plucking, outwitting, making think the moon is made up of eco-friendly cheese and deceiving”. ‘A brilliant indictment,’ says the Abbess, taking a look up once again, ‘and, are you aware, she has idea not just of the wrongdoings i've got dedicated but additionally these i haven't but performed yet am approximately to accomplish.

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